Cloudflare partners with PacketFabric to launch Cloudflare Network Interconnect

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Cloudflare and PacketFabric declared the launch of the Cloudflare Network Interconnect. Cloudflare Network Interconnect introduces complete network functionality to the physical network edge. The network will be accessible via PacketFabric’s Network as a Service Marketplace. The duo also said that PacketFabric will interconnect with the Cloudflare Network Interconnect in 15 North American and APAC markets. Cloudflare Network Interconnect is designed to be launched during 2020 and 2021 in new North America and international markets.

Security and enhanced network performance

Cloudflare Network interconnect offers clients with new creative use cases for improved network performance and security that consists of an exclusive pathway to Cloudflare DDoS protection and Cloudflare Magic Transit; a dedicated on-ramp to Internet acceleration and optimization through  Cloudflare Argo; exclusive access to corporate applications; and a reliable source for Cloudflare’s CDN.

John Graham-Cumming, Chief Technology Officer of Cloudflare stated that at Cloudflare, they are steadfastly searching for methods to enhance the security, performance, and reliability of their client’s networks and teams. By associating with PacketFabric, they are offering an additional path for their clients to access their services in the location of their preference through the ways they prefer. Safe, private, trustworthy, and effective software-defined network connectivity among Cloudflare’s edge and their clients is an added means they are serving to create a better Internet.

Leveraging private connections to cloud providers and partners, like Cloudflare, enables PacketFabric clients to lessen their dependence on the public internet and obtain more prominent control over how they move their data in the most economical way.

PacketFabric’s highly scalable SDN platform is a private Layer 2 NaaS that gives immediate and reliable connectivity at speeds from 50Mbps to multi-100Gbps. CRN lately described PacketFabric as one of the “Hottest Networking Startups of 2020.”

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