Canayls: Google is top cloud service providers for retailers worldwide

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Canalys evaluated the prominent cloud service providers’ performance in the retail and e-commerce sectors by studying at vertical-specific solutions, principal clients, technology partnerships, and complete strategies in the sector, in its Cloud Channels Analysis.

COVID-19 negatively impacted the retail sector

The COVID-19 pandemic has negatively impacted retail. Several retailers have adapted by inclining on their e-commerce capabilities. While e-commerce demands increase, retailers are searching for cloud service providers to support and develop their businesses and arm them with key technologies. As per this report by Canalys, Google Cloud arrives in the leader zone of Canalys’ vertical evaluation model. Google Cloud has a vertically-aligned strategy, with retail being one of its core segments. Furthermore, the company has also been hiring aggressively and establishing worldwide systems integrator partnerships to boost retail penetration.

Blake Murray, Canalys Research Analyst, stated that retailers demand evidence that their cloud service provider can support them not only by growing but additionally by driving platform innovation. A provider that has expert technical support teams and an ecosystem of partners innovating on its part provide clients faith in the relationship. Because of this competitive factor, several huge retailers have chosen to operate with other cloud service providers.

Microsoft Azure, AWS, and Alibaba Cloud are followed by Google Cloud. They were ranked as exceptional in their capabilities to serve retailers. Azure is well established amongst enterprises and provides over 2,000 retail-specific applications via its partner network. AWS introduces long-standing expertise in retail and gives an uncommon retail competency program that authorizes a partner’s technical knowledge and client’s progress. Although Amazon in general prevails to be a superior competitor to the retail sector.

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