AWS and Slack declare strategic partnership

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Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Slack declared a fresh multi-year contract to give solutions for improved enterprise workforce association. Amazon Web Services and Slack Technologies will strategically associate to assist shared development crews to interact and shift more productive and quick. As per the deal, Slack Calls ability for all voice and video calling to Amazon Chime, AWS’s intelligence service. Slack declared that the organization proceeds to depend on AWS as its favored cloud provider and will utilize a series of AWS services, incorporated by storage, compute, database, security, analytics, and machine learning, to generate unique collaboration characteristics.

Integrations are:

  • Amazon Chime infrastructure with Slack Calls: Amazon Chime SDK (software development kit) will shortly power audio, video, and screen-sharing abilities in native Slack Calls.
  • AWS Key Management Service with Slack Enterprise Key Management (EKM): Concerning EKM, Slack takes max advantage of AWS’s verified safety services, incorporating AWS Key Management Service for sharing and handling of crypto keys.
  • AWS Chatbot integration with Slack: AWS Chatbot is a service that utilizes an interactive assistant to support development teams remain updated, cooperate, and react more swiftly to operational situations, security findings, workflows, and other signals for applications operating in AWS accounts.
  • Amazon AppFlow integration with Slack: The latest Amazon AppFlow alliance for Slack enables users to securely transport data among Slack and AWS services such as Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) and Amazon Redshift, clarifying duties like investigating trends in client engagement from helpdesk requests or measuring sentiment data. In the following months, AWS and Slack will improve this ability, allowing clients to transfer data bi-directionally among various Slack channels and AWS services in a singular flow. 

Stewart Butterfield, CEO, and co-founder of Slack stated the forthcoming of enterprise software will be driven by the mixture of workstream collaboration tools and cloud services. He further said that the integration of AWS services with Slack they are helping teams smoothly and easily handle cloud-based projects.

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