AMD launched its road map for the next phase

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The AMD company has launched its detailed phase at Financial Analyst day. The next phase will be regarding growth driven by multi-generational high-performance CPU and GPU roadmaps. The company plans for aggressive technology investments designed to deliver leadership products and disruptive solutions.

Next-generation data center and computing market solutions.

The company plans to provide the next-generation data center and computing market solutions. This year the company plans to reveal its new GPU architecture which will handle the load of the data center. The new AMD Compute DNA (AMD CDNA) architecture comprises second-gen AMD Infinity Architecture to improve GPU to GPU connectivity. It is optimized for machine learning and high-performance computing purposes.

Other than this AMD will also launch the CDNA 2 architecture which enables exascale-class supercomputers with its third-gen Infinity Architecture assistance.Dr. Lisa Su, AMD president, and CEO said: ” Our multi-generational computing and graphics roadmaps are designed in such a way that it will boost revenue growth and provide strong shareholder returns”.

“We are focused on relentlessly performing our leadership IP roadmaps and aggressively introducing advanced technologies to drive continued market share gains across the large and growing high-performance PC, gaming and data center businesses.”

There are many technology updates including AMD planning to launch the first processors based on its next-generation “Zen 3” core by the end of 2020. The “Zen 4” core is currently in plan and is targeted to use high-level 5nm process technology.3rd Generation AMD Infinity Architecture with optimized CPU and GPU memory coherence.

AMD was always been innovative in the data center market. In 2017 it released first and second-generation AMD EPYC server processors. El Capitan supercomputer is projected to become online in 2023. El Capitan will be powered by two exaFLOPs of double-precision performance.

ROCm 4.0 which was built on the ROCm platform for the data center is also an important part of AMD’s next phase.

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